Son Eun-seo

Son Eun-seo

The film has been drawing much attention with the expectation on the intense violent action scenes by the two actors, Kim Rae-won and Lee Min-ho. Lee stars as a petty gangster in the noir crime film, in a much-anticipated unfettering of typecast chains. His gritty portrayal of an opportunistic hoodlum is set in Seoul in the s, during the development of the now-affluent Gangnam district. Waxing slightly lyrical, Lee added that he had younger viewers in mind: I want to give them the message that they should work hard to better their lives. I think girls who know their strong points and have self-esteem are attractive. So it seems Lee, who is soon to appear on screen as a pauper-turned-gangster, is ruled by his soft side. What does he value? The February issue of The Star will hit shelves this Friday.


Jonghyun is the shortest member in SHINee. Jonghyun was born in Seoul, South Korea on April 8th, Before joined with SM Entertainment, Jonghyun has been active in music since he was in junior high school.

Mar 08,  · Welp, now this is a stunning breaking news item in the world of K-ent celeb dating, not to mention the second in the same week. Media outlets are breaking the out-of-the-blue news that singer-actress Suzy and actor Lee Dong Wook are dating! Like, legit this is all over the news portals and their agencies confirmed within two hours that the two indeed are getting to know each other warmly.

The series finished off its final week with 4. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. They share tips on how to jump higher and better, a sight that makes Coach Baek smile. Then Doc asks if the binding on her wrap still gives her trouble.

Is there an extra seat on that training bus?

The Heirs – Korean Drama

Tuesday March 27, Micky Yoochun had no trouble being the prince in the drama with his discipline, force and stable eye contact. Han Ji-min managed to draw attention to her character as well with her pretence of having lost her memory.

Non-Summit (Hangul: 비정상회담; RR: Bijeongsanghoedam), also known as Abnormal Summit, is a South Korean television program on JTBC which first aired on July 7, The show features a panel of non-Korean men, living in South Korea, who debate on various topics and “Korean culture, through the eyes of a foreigner,” in a talk show format, in the Korean language.

Yoon was the sub-vocal in the group, known for her cuteness and childlike traits. Being the youngest member of the group, she received little attention and was often overshadowed by her other four members. Yoon was often the prey of anti-fans. One infamous incident was during her debut year, she was shot in the eye by an anti-fan who tried to make her blind with a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar using a water gun.

She was rushed to the hospital where the doctors confirmed that her cornea was damaged. Yoon played the lead role as the crown princess Shin Chae Kyung, which shot her to instant fame throughout Asia.

Who is Park Shin-hye’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Park Shin-hye

Shinee’s stylist who wanted to be rumored to be dating Minho This stylist has been working with Shinee since last year. She especially posts a lot of selcas with Minho. After a while, she deletes Minho selcas and does alot of things fans don’t understand

In ancient times, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is an unbeatable general in wars, but the young King (Kim Min-Jae) is jealous of Kim Shin and kills him. Kim Shin becomes Dokkaebi (Goblin), possessing an immortal life. At first he thinks that he is blessed, but he realizes that he is cursed. In the present day.

Latar Belakang[ sunting sunting sumber ] Pada 10 Maret , SM Entertainment mengumumkan bahwa mereka telah memperoleh hak untuk manga dan akan merilis film adaptasi Koreanya. Perwakilan mengungkapkan, “Versi Korea akan memiliki total 16 episode yang bersumber dari cerita harapan dan impian. Ini adalah komedi remaja dengan alur cerita lucu, tetapi kuat dan dengan aktor tampan.

Kami berencana untuk mulai ditayangkan musim panas ini. Ia juga mengumumkan bahwa Jun Ki Sang akan memimpin dan bahwa hal itu akan ditayangkan di paruh kedua tahun ini pada SBS. A Kwanghee dikonfirmasi untuk drama dan Infinite L sedang meninjau tawaran untuk bergabung, karena ia akan memiliki penampilan untuk jadwal syuting di luar negeri. Adegan pertama Choi Minho difilmkan adalah adegan lompat tinggi.

Untuk adegan lompat tinggi, tinggi kecepatan kamera yang digunakan untuk film melompat tinggi di bullet time. Suatu hari, ia melihat trek dan kompetisi lapangan di TV, dan menjadi terinspirasi oleh pesaing peraih medali emas lompat tinggi, Kang Tae-joon Minho. Dia mulai mengidolakan atlet muda, tetapi Tae Joon menderita kecelakaan yang berpotensi mengakhiri kariernya. Oleh karena itu, untuk melihat Tae Joon melompat lagi, Jae Hee menyamarkan dirinya sebagai anak laki-laki dan menghadiri sekolah yang sama seperti Tae Joon [24].

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Ia malah mendatangi klub Golf dan mencak-mencak pada Rachel. Ia bertanya apakah Kim Tan benar-benar kembali ke Korea? Myung Soo memberitahu kalau dia tadi bertemu dengan Tan. Rachel terpaku, sebenarnya kaget mendengar berita itu. Tak seperti tunanganmu, tak ada yang tak aku ketahui tentang dirinya!

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Mondays to Fridays Sept 03, – May 02, Casts: A true family is not based on blood-relations or the same surnames but on love for and interest in each other. At the same time, it will look into struggles divorced couples would have to go through. Also, the drama will show a glimpse of what it would be like for a foreign woman to work in Korea with her “Korean Dream. On every weekend, he visits horse tracks. One of few good qualities he has is his forever optimistic view and friendliness toward anyone around him.

He doesn’t believe in hard work but rather in chance. One day, his mother marries a rich man. BaekHo dreams of a new high life,until he meets DanPung. She has truly earned what she has. The only thing left on her “to do” list is finding a right guy.

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As a child, she was good in sports, particularly track and field. In her sophomore year of high school, she moved to Seoul and attended Bulgok High School, despite the objections of her strict and conservative father. She then entered Dongguk University , where she joined the theater and film department. Beginnings[ edit ] Han was first discovered in a teenage beauty pageant organized by food corporation Binggrae in She began her acting career in the sitcom Nonstop 5 and the gangster comedy film My Boss, My Teacher.

Lily Feb 12 am Honestly, this drama isn’t as good as everyone says it is but personally I still enjoyed it. It’s a basic storyline and very predictable, the female lead really isn’t anything special and I can’t tell why everyone falls for her so easily.

Estoy obsesionada con Ranma. Yo me suelo obsesionar con todo lo que me gusta, me da con algo y no lo suelto, busco todo el material que pueda conseguir, hasta que lo dejo ir y paso a otra cosa, pero con Ranma siempre vuelvo a caer. Ranma y Akane se pelean tanto como se quieren. Son el uno para el otro. Empiezo por el bonus track. La historia es bien rara y extravagante. La forma en que se entera de que Blanquinegra tuvo cachorritos es demasiado chistosa.

Y Ranma como Yoiko es genial.

Yuri, Minho, & Eunseo – To his new girl (Take care of my boyfriend)

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