The M1 Garand: A Piece of History

The M1 Garand: A Piece of History

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Making The M1 Garand

Collecting the American Sniper Rifle to by Joe Poyer A quick search of Ebay for anything related to sniper rifles—telescopic sights, mounts, manuals, cases, etc. The “chat rooms” are full of misinformation because there is very little reference material available. Collecting the American Sniper Rifle, to provides accurate information that will allow the collector to determine whether or not a particular rifle or telescopic part—or other accessory—is correct.

The book provides a detailed description of The books also contains a history of the development of each particular sniper rifle and telescopic sight.

The first step in dating your M1 Garand is to find the serial number. This is stamped into the rifle’s receiver, the part housing the operating parts of the rifle. Once you know the serial number, you can refer to a number of sources online, or in books, to determine the date of ://

Tracer, unfinished Frangible, Yellow: Observation and Proof rounds AP from Belgium The new collector is warned that there are exceptions and, in addition, beware of the WWII habit of dipping the tips of ordinary cartridges into paint to mark targets. For the latter, look out for thick or unevenly applied paint that is flaking off.

Perhaps the best way to introduce someone to. Ball In the U. WWI made the military rethink this as the use of machine guns at relatively long range required a heavier bullet. Towards the end of WWI and for several years after, the U. Many different types were tried, including even a boat-tailed version of the round-nosed Krag bullet! This series of tests is often referred to as the “Daytona Beach” tests after the place where some of the test firings were conducted. The tests eventually resulted in the adoption of the M1 bullet – a grain boat-tail with a gilding metal copper alloy jacket.

These Daytona Beach test round are not uncommon and the telltale sign on the common ones is a slightly more pointed ogive see illustration below. This M1 bullet survived the period between the two World Wars but as hostilities looked inevitable, the U.

Springfield Armory M1 Garand 1942 not for sale…

Beretta designed and built the production machinery they used for M1 production in house, and had never done so beforehand. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk By the ‘s Springfield Armory was a completely inept organization; hopelessly stuck in their old ways and completely unwilling to change for anyone. They fought the DOD for a long time and rather than getting things their way, they were shut down in It’s really sad that we allowed that to happen, but it is what it is.

I have fired a few Beretta Garands and have found them easily the equal of any other service grade Garands I have ever shot.

Description: US Rifle Cal M1 Garand. US Springfield Armory production (s/n xxx), dating from December, , during the height of WWII. Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) authentic US

The brave Turks stood their ground in the face of the initial Chinese onslaught until they were overrun. To those who survived and escaped it was painfully obvious that their issue bolt action rifles lacked the necessary firepower to deal with these Chinese wave attacks. Many of those with opportunity picked up US M1 Garands during the UN withdrawal into the Pusan perimeter and upon regrouping and re-equipping most of the rest were provided with the US weapons.

Many of the other International contingents were re-armed with US Weapons as well contributing to ease of supplying them with ammunition in the field during joint operations with the predominantly US force committed under the UN banner. It remains unclear if the Turkish Brigade was formally issued US M1 bayonets at this time but none have been confirmed in Turkish use to date.

What is clear is that Turkey, a prolific modifier of all sorts of bayonets, modified numerous other bayonets for use on the US M1 Garand either at this time or later for use with M1 Garand’s acquired in Korea and retained by Turkey afterwards. It also remains possible that Turkey procured additional M1 Garands after the Korean War but further information regarding such potential procurement has not been found. The most commonly found Turkish M1 bayonet conversion is based on Turkey’s existing M bayonet for their various and sundry “Mausers”.

Turkish M bayonet in original configuration These originally conformed to an “export pattern” configuration with regard to those critical dimensions determining what rifle a given bayonet will fit on.

june 1941 m1 garand

Joking aside, I do absolutely admire those collectors out there who go the extra mile in identifying and keeping the historical details of firearms alive for future generations. Especially when they are also good writers and publish the information they have painstakingly gained over a lifetime of firearms collecting experience. With that in mind, I came across this online database that anyone can submit information about their M1 Garand to.

The M1 has an almost cult like following among the collector group in the United States. Fast forward to the future, and the ability to easily at a price collect and purchase this rifle has exploded its popularity in the United States, unlike the M14 or M16 with the Class III status that it entails.

2 BAYONETS 1 SPRINGFIELD AND 1 GARAND 10 ” BLADE Great deal, set of 2 collector’s edition bayonets. 1 bayonet for the Springfield rifle with m3 scabbard 16 inches dated and 1 M1 Garand bayonet 10 ” blade with the M7 scabbard dated

They often have parts for M1 Garands for sale. In the past, they have also sold M2 Ball ammo. It is a congressionally mandated program administered by the US Army to promote marksmanship. Also check for the closest rifle club in your area that hosts CMP rifle matches which should be listed at the CMP web site. They normally shoot the National Match Course of fire with service rifles.

While the M1 is still used in these matches, the match grade AR rifles now rule the roost, but shooting an M1, M1a or AR is a fun way to spend the day. If you like to shoot, there is no better way to do it with your new M1. The course of fire is usually 10 rounds standing at yards, 10 rounds sitting rapid fire 2 and 8 in 60 seconds at yards, 10 rounds rapid fire 2 and 8 in 70 seconds at yards prone position, and finally 20 rounds prone slowfire 1 minute per round at or yards depending on the facilities at the rifle range.

Ranges that only have a yard distance will shoot the reduced course which is the same course of fire, but with target sizes reduced to simulate their apperance at , and yards at yards. Most soldiers and marines that used the M1 in WWII and Korea learned their skill on similar courses of fire, so once mastered, you will have a much closer kinship with your M1 and its role in history.

World War ll M1 Garands

Gun Nuts Comment Policy Overrated guns of history: I love the M1 Garand. They are fun to shoot, great to own, and are an incredibly important piece of our national history, and our pop culture landscape. But was it really as great a gun as we seem to think it was? The closest thing you have to a legitimate contender is the German K98, which held less ammo, took forever to reload, had terrible sights, and was a bolt action.

Your m1 is there a universal m1 garand serial number m1 carbine adult dating m1 carbine with the m1 carbine. Carbine with a lot deeper than for m1 carbine jbrad 6 years and schmidt-rubin rifles. Results of 5, owning an m1 i have an m1 carbine ://

Nicolaus Associates no longer accepts orders from outside the 50 U. All orders must ship within the fifty U. Nicolaus Associates Latest Deals and Products: This book is honestly weighted toward those with technical savvy. The cover and back of the manual are 10mil polypropylene. This book can be placed on the shelf in your workshop for easy reference. The book also opens and lays flat, so you can work on your rifle and observe your manual simultaneously.

This book is a complete late-model reference of blueprints used in manufacturing the M1D sniper rifle. This includes complete information on the barrel, mount, bracket hardware, cheek piece, and other parts of this rifle that make it a true sniper!

Match conditioned M1 Garand vs. match conditioned M14

Garry James – April 11, This eight-shot. He went into the fight carrying the best battle rifle on either side. When the rest of the world’s armies were using bolt actions that had not changed since the First World War, Yanks were fielding a semiautomatic repeater that gave its user superior firepower, rugged reliability and great confidence: Patton called this “the greatest battle implement ever devised,” and he was far from wrong.

It was designed by John Cantius Garand pronounced, according to his friend Julian Hatcher, “Gerrend” , an eccentric French-Canadian firearms genius who was known to flood the living room of his house in the winter so he could go ice skating. Leaving school at the age of 12, he began his industrial experience working in a textile mill, where he eventually became a machinist.

 · After WW2 ended, the Overton Woodworking Corp. of Chicago began making replacement M1 Garand and Carbine stocks. One of their machine setups created a triggerguard notch similar to the Winchester “V”

Short Type Fire Modes: Wired to stock with Small Tamiya connector Hopup: Yes, Adjustable Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual Manufacturer: Write a review by Carl David W. When I got mine however, the charging handle was a bit loose and only got worse with time. After I tightened down the screw that held the charging handle, it has remained stable and has not loosened since. The only complaint I have about it now is that it only ever goes back far enough to reveal the hop-up dial.

All you will need is a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the gearbox from the upper receiver, a flat-head screwdriver, and an Allen key. The only real complaint I have about this gun that would affect gameplay is that the magazine does not stay in the mag well and does not feed very well. The magazine catch does not do a great job at latching onto the very small notch on the magazine it’s supposed to and I’ve come to the conclusion that something might have to be sanded down.

Also, every couple of shots it seems I have to push the magazine forward a bit to get it to feed BBs. Not as debilitating as having it drop out on you, but it does make it a bit awkward to hold when constantly holding that magazine forward.

Post WWII Commercially Manufactured M1 Carbines (U.S.A.)

Any of these would be correct for a simple M1 collection in our opinion as older rifles were used right up until the Vietnam war. This page will be completed if and when our bayonet collection ever grows. The following quick M1 Garand Bayonet rundown was provided by: Greg Robinson to whom we am very grateful.

m1 garand and silver mountings. Makers of vintage and silver mountings. Up until , m1 collectors who made flintlock with a universal m1 carbine owner is the metric system by inland m1 garand

That is the US Rifle, Caliber. Here are a couple of examples. Springfield Armory also returned to Garand production in the s. It came into use late in However, after the war, M1s turned in for refurbishing were retro-fitted with T E1 sights. Of course all three of those rear sights were aperture types. They were not, albeit all their parts were interchangeable. The government manufacturer began M1 production with forged triggerguards but by early began making stamped ones.

Buying an M1 Garand from the CMP

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The fact that the M1 platform was so good, it was being used in combat as late as by US Marines in Vietnam (M14) says something of accuracy, reliability, and overall design. I know I got mine because of all of these reasons with the main one being it is just so friggin American!

These competitions are probably the most significant and longest running high caliber competitions in the United States. These are fine rifles in their own right and entire industries have been set up to equip shooters and make them ready for a Service Rifle match. But venturing out in the firearms world and building a match grade M1 Garand or M14 can be costly.

This is where the CMP makes a huge difference. The CMP was created in to help civilians become active in the shooting sports and has been running a program where they take surplus rifles that the Armed Forces have discontinued, and sell them back to the public for excellent prices. Because the M14 was mostly made with a selector switch, and service M16s are either all automatic or burst, the CMP cannot sell these surplus rifles to the public. As of now there is no full auto to semi automatic conversion program in place.

Ironically, when the author visited the store there were far more drill rifles on sale than functioning rifles. These drill Garands costed just about as much as the functioning ones! Stores also stock extra firearms equipment such as ammunition, stocks, parts, receivers, barrels, books, and competition gear jackets, slings, gloves, etc… Now before readers become excited about buying a legitimate.

A purchaser must be a member of a CMP affiliated club local gun clubs, some Boy Scouts of America chapters count , must show proof of U. To be eligible, one does not have to be a resident from the state that the CMP store is located in. Typical FFL purchase checks are not used in the purchase process and the rifle can be shipped directly to your home.

Not to an FFL where you have to sign for it but overnight shipping to your place of residence.

Reloading the 30-06 for an M1 Garand

Army Ordnance Serial Number Assignments Understanding Serial Numbers – Understanding Dates of Manufacture Serial number blocks were assigned by the Ordnance Department on an as needed basis, generally in response to the awarding of a contract to a given manufacturer. The serial number was placed on the carbine receiver during the manufacturing process of the receiver, not when the carbine was finally assembled.

The decision for which receivers would be used for the U. Carbine Models M1, M1A1, or M2 were made well after the receiver was completed as all of these models used the same receiver. Given the high volume production, receivers were generally assembled as part of a carbine within a few months after the receiver was serial numbered.

However, dating a carbine by it’s serial number alone is difficult and not always accurate given the circumstances inherent with manufacturing and the logistics situation during the time the carbines were manufactured.

 · The M1 Garand (more formally the United States Rifle, Caliber, M1) was the first semi-automatic rifle in the world to be generally issued to infantry. It officially replaced the Springfield M rifle as the standard service rifle of the United States military in , and was in turn officially replaced by the M14 in

Northwest Ohio, about five miles from Lake Erie Posts 10, Originally Posted by Grandpa Mark Years ago I bought a black Garand stock in new condition to replace the sanded-to-heck stock already on it. I removed the black paint to discover a stock with a white spacer a few inches short of the nose. It’s a nice stock, but I wish i could so something with that danged white stripe. I have had some luck in hiding stock flaws using model airplane paint from the local hobby store.

You can typically find some ‘military’ brown shades on their rack that will match your stock pretty closely you are going to want 3 or 4 different shades to work with, and don’t be afraid to mix them to get match , and I have found that faking woodgrain with a fine paintbrush is not all that hard. The paint will soak into the wood, and doesn’t readily ‘rub off’. After adding some filler BLO and clipped up pieces of the brown napkins from Taco Bell, used in several very thin layers, and allowed to dry thoroughly for a couple of days between adding layers , and doing a fake wood treatment over it, I got it to blend in very well and you can’t see any evidence of the bad spot anymore.

“M1 Garand Teenager” by Nutnfancy

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