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If you happen to be the proud owner of a Yamaha VMAX or V-Max, as it used to be called and want to give it the custom treatment, then this list should provide ample inspiration. Since , the VMAX has been one of the most celebrated motorcycles in the industry, winning numerous awards over the years, and garnering critical acclaim across the board and all over the world. Featuring a whole host of new bodywork features including a some top notch carbon fiber work in the form of a new tank cover, rear tail piece, headlight unit, and aluminum touches like the fenders and air scoops sourced from an old school VMAX , this custom takes everything you thought you knew about the Yamaha VMAX and transformed it into something new and fresh. Calling in a lot of help from Paul Civitello of Mad Max Enterprises, John began by raking his frame to 37 degrees to improve stability, added longer fork stanchions to compensate for the lower front end, and a steering damper was added to keep things happy. To make the most of the new NOS setup, John had the gearing adjusted for ultimate power delivery — but to make things even more interesting, he converted the final drive to a unique chain drive system. The chain drive conversion allows the bike to have some adjustable extension to help with stability when the VMAX is going full throttle. Since the Portuguese outfit have been working hard to make monocoque arrangements their trademark design, and this Yamaha VMAX is no exception. Boasting a hand built monocoque unit built from a single sheet of metal that incorporates the seat, tail, and tank — though the tank is a false tank only, with the real one now hidden under the seat — the VMAX now has a slender and sleek, sports-oriented profile sculpted into a retro shape. Famed for his iconic drag-style frame and some rather outlandish customs, Marcus decided to take a more reserved approach on this Yamaha VMAX build.

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There are a host of launches at EICMA this year that will be making it to India Highlights Royal Enfield will be revealing its all-new twin-cylinder motorcycle Hero MotoCorp will unveil a new adventure motorcycle at EICMA Triumph and BMW will showcase its updated adventure bikes this year The EICMA show is almost here and this week will be a completely motorcycle galore with the best and brightest of the two wheeler world coming together to show some of the most amazing creations.

The event starts on November 7 and will see a tonne of new launches and highly anticipated models finally being revealed to the world. This year, there are two Indian manufacturers too that plan to show important products at EICMA and this makes the show all the more exciting.

The latest Tweets from EICMA (@official_eicma). Il canale Twitter ufficiale della 73° Esposizione internazionale ciclo e motociclo – Milano, Novembre Milano.

We came in late at night to shoot the 2 different bikes before they were whisked off to the EICMA motorshow in Milan, and with the press launch having just happened we are excited to now be able to show you the photos. First and perhaps must obviously is the upright riding position, The tall wide bars and grippy pegs give you a little more leverage should you need to pitch sideways on a fireroad.

The intergrated skidplate keeps mothernature from coming one with your crankcase. The most aggressive street legal knobbies are mounted, suggesting the bike should spend most of its time off the asphalt. A higher muffler is also mounted, giving a little more clearence for rocks and debris… The headlamp has an integrated cage that fully encloses the bowl, offereing a lot of protection.

The old headlamp grill has been reintepreted in a completely modern way. And finally the bike runs a solo seat, with a more aggressive texture for better grip. The seat also makes room for a small utility rack in the rear which is matching theintegrated tank rank. These allow the rider, somwhere convient to store his tool kit or his tent.

In Husqvarna introduced a revolutionary motorycle. While other manufacturers insisted on going larger and heavier, Husqvarna went lighter, smaller and.. It was a combination of a compact high output motor in a state of the art featherweight chassis that provided the base for an icon. Husqvarna then utilized the talents of Sixten Saxon, a legendary Swedish industrial designer, to pen the beautiful shape of the Silver Pilen. Both the chassis and the appearance went on to directly inspire the furious red and chrome bombers that later dominated the off-road racing scene.

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The renewed machine has proved itself a modern-day all-rounder, popular with casual tourers and off-road adventurers alike plus all riders in between because it offers enjoyable and usable engine performance in a chassis that works as well on-road as it does off. For , with the Africa Twin Adventure Sports we have used the revised CRF L as a starting point and added everything the long-distance rider needs to get the very most out of any adventure.

The fairing and screen offer more wind protection and a large sump guard and side pipe fully protect the machine.

Nov 07,  · Royal Enfield has finally unveiled the much awaited cc motorcycles at the ongoing EICMA Motorcycle Show. The Interceptor Twin and Author: Carandbike Team.

Guzzi was a former comrade of Parodi’s in the Italia Air Corps, as was another friend giovanni Ravelli, an aviator – like Parodi – who died, however, on 11 August during a test flight. It was in memoryof this friend that the spread-winged eagle motif in the Moto Guzzi badge was chosen. This was followed by successful models such as the Guzzi G.

In the meanwhile, the marque also notched up numerous racing successes. The first was in the prestigious Targa Florio in , which marked the beginning of an impressive succession of victories: This was followed by the legendary Galletto and the Lodola In , Moto Guzzi installed a state of the art wind tunnel at Mandello del Lario, making it the first constructor worldwide to do so.

The glorious V-twin was also produced as smaller capacity V35 and V50 variants. The largest iteration of this engine powered the definitive Gran Turismo – the Moto Guzzi California, which evolved to include electronic injection and a triple-disc brake system. Dedicated to the US market, together with the Ambassador and Eldorado variants, the California boasted the classic cc engine capacity, a displacement that has since been rediscovered and brought back into the current range.

Models like the Le Mans, Daytona, Centauro and Sport kept the sports heritage of the marque alive. The unmistakable style and character of these bikes were brought right up to date in the s with the new California, Nevada and V11 Sport series.

The 10 Best Motorcycles of EICMA 2015

Numerous bike makers take an interest in the EICMA occasion as they get to showcase their most recent bicycles for the next year. It accompanies a 6 speed manual gearbox as standard and the RPM levels at which the top force 9, rpm and torque 7, rpm are delivered. Ducati Scrambler Image Via motorbeam. This entry level bicycle will highlight an air-cooled twin-chamber engine that can apply the force of 40PS and it comes matched with a 6-speed transmission. The bicycle is relied upon to accompany a sticker price of 5 Lakh.

Ducati belt drive cruiser Image Via drivespark.

EICMA has always been synonymous with innovation and internationalization and is the only event to date that can give national and international visibility at a very high level. Numerous services are offered to the exhibiting companies, including: • The Matchmaking Platform, where.

EICMA is the premier annual global trade event for the motorcycle sector. Besides being the 1 showcase for all brands of motorcycles, EICMA features Moped, Motorbike, scooters and tricycles including electric ; separate parts and accessories for motorbikes; a growing customizing segment; helmets, apparel, luggage and accessories of all types, as well as a showcase of services, such as for the tourism sector.

According to ACEM the professional body of the European Motorcycle Industry that represents the interests of 13 powered two-wheeler manufacturers producing more than 30 brands, and 15 national associations , Italy has the greatest number of motorcycles in Europe, 2. In , almost , new vehicles were registered: The Italian market offers interesting opportunities to those U.

The same is true for companies that produce hybrid and zero emission vehicles, a sector that has increased in its importance in recent years. In particular, the products that combine respect for the environment with features attractive for the demanding consumers hold the key to success.

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Road coverage, Day 1: James Huang Interbike’s Outdoor Demo not only had a wealth of high-end off-road machines ready to roll, but also a host of premium road machines available for viewing and riding. The prescribed road test course was short in length, but at least it was closed to traffic and was fully supported by the Mavic neutral support crew. Naturally, the main objective of the companies that had set up booths was to highlight their new bikes, but if one were to look carefully enough, the Outdoor Demo also provided a good opportunity to preview ‘new-for ‘ componentry with which those bikes were equipped.

Many smaller companies either didn’t have official booths set up or shared space in order to minimize costs, but there was plenty of boutique stuff to be seen.

MATCHMAKING – B2B MEETINGS Thanks to the exclusive MatchMaking digital platform, which EICMA has already offered exhibitors for 4 years, exhibitors and profiled professionals from all over the world can organize B2B meetings, develop commercial relations and expand their business. NEW.

Both are in a way, twins – built on the same platform and powered by the same powerplant – an in-line four cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled cc engine. But this is where the similarities end. For all practical purposes, and in personality and character, they are two entirely different motorcycles, but with the same, common DNA. And what makes both of these two bikes attractive is that they offer decent performance, a brand known for its Italian lineage and the fact that they are two of the least expensive in-line four cylinder bikes available on sale in India.

We ride the two Benelli twins in Pune traffic, on the open highway, and through some twisty mountain roads. And its looks go with the purpose it’s built for, that of long distance touring rather than the daily city commute. Big front fairing with a small windshield, projector headlamp, high-capacity, litre fuel tank, flat, wide handlebar, upright riding position and a flat, broad seat, all point to the GT’s touring-oriented pedigree.

It’s not quite the headturner, but it’s definitely not one to be ignored. If you are the kind who finds appeal in a quiet, confident, yet subtle presence, the TNT GT will certainly tick all the right boxes. Thumb the starter, and the GT’s cc in-line four cylinder engine fires up with a sweet, refined hum. Give it some revs and the in-line four holds a lot of promise, just by listening to the note from the exhaust. Pull in the clutch and you will feel your left fingers getting a good workout; it’s not light, that clutch, but not very hard as well, unless you are stuck in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic.

The six-speed gearbox clicks with easy precision, the shifts slick and precise, with not a single slip here or there. The GT fairs pretty well in traffic even, as long as you stick to a straight line or you are not challenged by too many sharp turns.

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Love client photographs like these Sometimes when I do work for clients, I never see the end results of their projects, and that’s OK. Other times I get to see where my modifications fitted in on the finished bike. Shawn just sent me a couple of photos of his finished bike, but first

Nov 20,  · EICMA – Honda Integra ADV City – Honda présente à ce salon de Milan un prototype baptisé ADV Concept, que nous verrons aussi au salon de Paris.

That I can remember Every Morning when I get to work Baja gets out of what ever mode of transportation we took to get there. Bicycle trailer, motorcycle or the less exciting van like we took today. As I unlock the door she makes her way to one end of the parking lot to sniff what ever dogs sniff. As I go inside to start wheeling out bikes she makes her way to the other end of the parking lot. This morning I had to piss and by the time I came out with my first bike I was oblivious to the fact that she was not any where near where she always knew to be.

After the second bike was wheeled out I registered that she was not herding my heels and watching out for the things that a heard dog watches out for when her master is maneuvering motorcycles through a 30″ door. This has happened before as A free range dog will often wonder in to the neighbors shop if the door is open and she so inclines to visit.

I walked up the street a few houses but I knew she would never wander. I knew she had been snatched. I have seen it nearly happen several times before. She is friendly to greet a car that pulls up into our parking lot just like her mother and all the other collie pups we raise on my parents ranch.

BMW R1200GS Adventure review

Posted by kabol Thursday, March 24, 0 comments We’re working on our site. I listened to our clients at the show this year and I do talk to them every single day. I assure you our first step is to count all the parts we have, then to measure, upload, and make sure we have pictures. Sadly after 9 companies we are still in step 1 and 2.

Nov 06,  · The EICMA show is almost here and this week will be a completely motorcycle galore with the best and brightest of the two wheeler world coming together to show some of the most amazing : Sameer Contractor.

More Adventure The so called adventure motorcycle segment continues its expansion as can be seen by the number of new motorcycle models launched in to cater to adventure riders. That is, manufacturers anticipate selling more motorcycles to riders who increasingly enjoy the looks, functionality, or the life style associated with adventure riding. Are we now facing an identity crisis on the adventure motorcycle segment? Along this conversation we will talk about some of the new adventure bikes for Despite knowing Steve McQueen had quite a dirt riding bias, I would think he would have agreed that riding most any motorcycle would give you the feeling of being on an adventure.

One of the things that make motorcycling so great is because it never fails to give you a feeling of freedom and adventure. In that case, adventure means many things to different riders. If the sense of adventure is based on the perspective of the rider then ultimately any motorcycle will be suitable for an adventure. To keep things in perspective, a standard definition of the word adventure states:

The 11 Best Motorcycles of EICMA 2016

If you looked the bike over and feel comfortable about it’s condition, and aren’t looking to resell it immediately, go for it. There is probably a minor stigma that attaches to a salvage title, but it sounds like the bike is discounted appropriately. I’m looking at a low hour F that is priced below fair market value. The seller is including the matching MSO but it’s stamped as “salvaged”.

Event Summary: EICMA is the premier annual global trade event for the motorcycle sector. The last EICMA hosted 1, exhibitors on , sq. meters of exhibition space, and welcomed a half million visitors (50, trade visitors) from countries.

A sports bike in its purest form. Reduced to the essentials. Agile, fast, suitable for A2 driving licence and extremely sporty. Whether you are on country roads or the racetrack, the Moto3 genes are perceptible in every manoeuvre and convey pure race feeling. The handling — simply spectacular. The performance — incredible. The power — awesome.

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Ciro Aero Rudd looking to shake the tree Making its public debut at this year’s 75th anniversary Sturgis Rally, Ciro may be a ‘new kid on the block’ in terms of its parts and accessory industry trading record, but it has significant v-twin industry DNA. Established in May by a certain Mr Aero Rudd, if that last name sounds familiar, it should – his father is no less than Tom Rudd, founder of Drag Specialties in the s, long before it eventually came into Fred Fox’s ownership, and then founder of Kuryakyn in the s.

Only time will tell just how close to the tree this particular apple has fallen, but to judge by the first tranche of accessory designs, the first catalog, the website and social media presence, the significant investment in premises and show-rig, then my guess would be that this particular apple has soft-landed right under a tree that Aero Rudd will be shaking-up pretty good in the years to come! Their planned presence there for the rally apparently ruffled some feathers before the event, but hey – the freedom to compete is the American way!

The motorcycle show season continues in Milan, Italy, for EICMA, the World Motorcycle Expo. Last year’s show was fantastic, but the edition promises to be even more spectacular as EICMA celebrates its th anniversary.

Now your motorcycle can benefit auto blip, WSBK 20 millisecond shifts, Launch control, traction control, speed control, engine braking, pit lane limiter, adaptive digital parameters, multiple map selection and all the electronic features on the very latest superbikes but at a fraction of the cost. Rapid Bike is true plug and play. A new device reaching unmatched technical standards designed to deliver outstanding performance to race track enthusiasts and further improve riding experience.

New shifting device exchanging information with EVO and RACING add-on modules via CAN-bus allows to perform auto-calibration of shifting kill-time in relation to the pressure applied in both directions, upper and lower gear, while matching the engine peculiar configuration. Another additional feature to be managed via YouTune is the modulation of engine response sensitivity when opening throttle control.

Rapid SA the importers of Rapid Bike mentioned that stock will be available in the next 4 weeks and that pricing will announced shortly, Give your bike an upgrade this Christmas with Finance available! For more information visit:

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