What creepypasta loves you

What creepypasta loves you

I’ve randomly given into my OCD Yet again This is basically the opening that leads to every possible outcome- but I’ve got a few things to say first. No, I’m not being sexist, nor am I discriminating against gays- keep reading to understand WHY this is only made for girls. Yeah, I said it. Every option is going to have a lemon- because I’m tired of getting teased every time I come across one of these! So I’m gonna give the people what they want and end every option with some good old fashioned sex! As for why this applies to the “Females only” thing- obviously I’m good at being descriptive. I’ll be describing the female anatomy during the lemon scenes- obviously dudes and chicks have different sex organs XP Yeah, that’s basically it.

Creepypasta Army

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July 5, at The theorys are stupid and it ruins my childhood. Now nothing can be cute and wholesome, and every thing has a dark back story. Start making good stories and stop the stupid theories and dark back stories. Is it just me, or do all these stories sound epic when I listen to Marylin Manson? Lol guys is smile dog scary? This creepypasta is delicious creepypasta says: April 6, at 2:

Dating Bts Quiz

Creepypasta Boyfriend Quizzes QuotevCreepypasta Boyfriend Quizzes Quotev In accessory for this, a person begin by sharing a teaser to what the content within your speech would end up being. For example, you are longing to talk of quotation that means memory a person just give all the groom, could start through words and phrases I remember. Creepypasta Boyfriend Quizzes Quotev I obtained box had been The expense of was definitely right for that generic!

Creepypasta Boyfriend Quizzes Quotev And whats great for this show may be the fact its not the cliche vampire scenario where the vampires creep in the rooms at night, everybody is dressed old fashioned, as well as when the vampire bites theyre lover, they will transform to produce vampire. This show arises in as small town, where all from the main characters are connected or be successful in this main restaurant, and vampires are located coming to the bar like a common human truly.

You should read “Fright Night High” on Find this Pin and more on Creepypasta by Destiny Miller. Most of the creppypasta’s. Welcome To My World (Creepypasta X Reader) – Sorry! Most of the creppypasta’s.

Share I had been single for a while, and I was sick and tired of it. Being 32 and single is no laughing matter; the traumatic experiences of watching your friends get married, have children, and attain the American dream are akin to the hopeless depression of the schizophrenic mental patient. I wanted a wife, I wanted kids, I wanted a steady job. I was tired of working at Burger King and living alone in a studio apartment, and I was almost certain I memorized ninety percent of pornstars on the internet by name.

Disgusted by the company of my left hand, I decided to go out to one of those speed dating events. I picked out my best garb and walked out the door. Keep in mind, I worked at Burger King, so the best clothes I could afford were some mediocre dress shirts and tattered khaki pants I bought at WalMart during a clearance event. I walked into the event, trying to display the shred of confidence I had left.

I was instantly discouraged when I saw all the other competing males and their Armani suits, high class whiskey in hand, and auras reeking of nothing but pure self esteem and conceit. The ladies there were dressed in fine dresses, some of them quite low cut, and smelled like a flower garden designed by Martha Stuart herself.


A week after I moved in with my brother, Edwin, after my house was foreclosed, I finished unpacking. Edwin liked the idea of me moving in, since we had not seen each other after 10 years, so I was excited, too. I soon fell asleep after I moved in. After that 1 week, I heard rustling noises coming from outside at about one in the morning. I thought it was a raccoon, so I ignored and tried to fall asleep.

I’ve gotten into Creepypasta. X3So, I decided to make a quiz!If you don’t know what Creepypasta is, Google it!If you dislike/hate Creepypasta, kindly refrain from flaming me/5.

We don’t like getting you in trouble because you didn’t know better. Volating this rule is also ruining the fandom more. I am lenient on crediting, I’m good as long as you don’t claim to have made it when you didn’t, other mods might not be the same way 5. If you have an issue please do not come to us in all caps and throwing around names, we are happy to help if you simply confront us without aggression.

Over-posted images may be removed. This isn’t a rule, but we’d really appreciate if you use somewhat comprehendable grammar, text talk like “ur” “u”, unreadable words, and nonsense sentences get aggravating, we are mindful that some may not speak English and use a translator, but if you don’t, don’t make it seem like you do. Post stories in all sorts of languages as you please. We wish to remain in contact with the true creepypasta fandom, which is just online stories.

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Share This is Helen, 14 years old. The dark circles under his eyes make him feel as if he has never slept. His seat is at the back of the classroom, next to the window; he always sits there drawing quietly, as it is like everything with him. He doesn’t like to socialize with people, making him feel very lonely. There was a person being pushed to the floor after school. These things happen often, and Helen is used to it.

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You sound just like me and my bff maybe we should be friends. Keontay I need a best friend amanda If u want to get a bff then u have to find someone who understands u and be there for u. Think that this advice is just from unkown friend Mirabella Try talking to people who you have seen around before, if they are mean or anything they wont be a true friend. I know we are best mates, always there for each other if needed, no jealousies, just so comfortable in each others company, totally trusting in each other.

By the way, we are opposite sex mates, and it can work and it is something I will forever cherish. Keontay I need a best friend jenny Me and my bestie aremore than friend were like sisters Dale More like very close friends that if would date it would not hurt our friendship lisa longoria I had a best friend that is like my sister to me n she will always will be For-Carmen G n Yulissa R Kira My bestie sometimes copies me….

What should I do? And we do every thing together. If you meet us you would really think that we were sisters. Hope I will be ur bff!!!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

General All Categories, Since: A Scribbler – Stories: If it’s a monster, killer, spirit or even an OC, it’s welcome here! I personally am not a member of Creepypasta and don’t own anything by them, I’m just putting this together for those who’ve written a fanfic for them and don’t know where to put it. Tell me what you think, eh? A Fantasy Harvest Moon – Rated:

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I’m going to bring out some known Creepypastas and they’re going to ask some guestions. Lets see if you can be they’re lover.: LexiCha published on February 05, responses 4. I have leftover kidneys we could eat. I Don’t date boys with no eyes!! I don’t like you!! Now we’ll see if.. What do you like to do in your free time? Playing video games and thinking about how sexy you are.

I also hate swimming and water BEN:


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